Heart of a Sorceress

Paranormal Erotica - Reader Advisory: Includes a M/F/M scene.

This was a light read and I enjoyed it reasonably well. I did feel that the author glossed over important parts of the plot too facilely and the ending was a tad too neat. In my opinion, Lara would have been a much stronger character if Sedonia Guillone had delved into the back story of what befell her a little more and allowed the character building plot bunnies to grow up - but I also enjoyed the relationship between her and Sha'ul. I do have to admit to having a weakness for warrior mages who are tender and yet strong. Not to mention the delicious mentoring years, I love that sort of story.

In short, although certain things could have been changed, it's still a strong, enjoyable story.

Book Blurb for Heart of a Sorceress

The darkly handsome sorcerer Sha'ul taught Lara the arts of erotic love and of magery. His kisses and caresses eased away the pain of her past and his skill as her master formed her into a powerful sorceress. Little did either of them know that Sha'ul was also preparing his lover to save their planet from destruction at the hands of a dark mage. Now Lara must return to the land that nearly destroyed her…to the evil one who wanted to possess her as a slave and will stop at nothing for ultimate power. Only one of them will come out alive.

Reader Advisory: Includes a M/F/M scene.
Publisher Note: This is a revised edition of a book previously published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00