Guarding Pax

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Guarding Pax

Sector Guard Series, #15

This was a reasonably entertaining short, but it had the feel of having been popped out just a little bit too fast. As usual, Grace comes up with fascinating concepts for her Sector Guard series - it is always interesting to see what new ideas she comes up with and how she matches different talents together to make the best of their abilities. 

However, I thought that the romance was lackluster and hardly made any sense. If there had been even a little more backstory on how Guardian and Pax had interacted before this, it would have made the story immeasurably better. Even if there had been just flashbacks of their history. As it was, it felt like I was missing a chunk of the story and also felt rushed and not particularly believable. Boom, they meet and there's this irresistable attraction, then they go out on a mission and then it's all done and set in stone. Hardly the stuff of daydreams or anything.

At 60 pages, it was a decent tidbit to fill in the blanks about the Sector Guard, but hardly enough to get a grip on and certainly not enough to make me want to read more. For long time fans of Viola Grace, this might be worth getting, but I doubt it would be enough to pique the interest of new readers.&

Book Blurb for Guarding Pax

Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia has been outfitted with a uniform that will let her eat and converse in public without putting her in a bubble. Guardian is her new commanding officer and they have met before. When she was a mediator and he was joining the Alliance, she mediated his contract and he took a place in her nocturnal fantasies from that day onward. Now, assigned to Guardian as a partner, Pax has several things to deal with, and her life depends on his attention to detail. If he would stop staring at her butt, things would go a lot smoother. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.00