Grading the Curve

Had the potential to be more than a fun quickie, but sadly fell a bit short.

To be fair, Nicola Cameron packs quite a lot of oomph into what is there. Cord's personality stands out, as does the potent chemistry between him and Ellen. Unfortunately, to a certain extent, what is there highlights what isn't there.

Ellen isn't all that interesting or special, which is a bit frustrating after the previous heroines of Cameron that I've admired in the past. She's insecure when I really just want her to reach out for Cord's balls and tell him straight what she wants. For that matter, what's between then isn't really adequately explored for me to believe in their relationship past a quickie to get each other out of their systems.

I think my main complaint is that I walked in expecting a love story with the romance on the go concept and getting a fistful of steam and not much else to hold onto.

That said, if you're looking for two sympathetic, hot characters who have redhot chemistry and enough of a storyline to suspend disbelief - this might be right up your alley.

Book Blurb for Grading the Curve

Ellen Ragsdale is a scholarship student who just wants to get her college degree and start her life. Alexander Cord is an English professor who hides his loneliness behind an arrogant facade. School rules have kept them at arm's length all year long. But on the last night of Ellen's college career, the two of them risk everything to find out if their mutual attraction is more than a classroom crush.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00