Gorgeous as Sin

I mostly enjoyed this story, the heroine had a mind of her own and knew how to use it, and the plot was gripping to begin with. There were some definite points where it seemed that Rosalind used language that belonged more in 2008 than back then, and I thought that she and her friends seemed just a bit too forward for their time. My main quibble is that she sees him as the enemy, as someone to be wary of, and yet suddenly she just falls into his bed. Not only that, but they start enacting sexual fantasies? Talk about moving at warp speed. That was positively off-putting. On the other hand, at least she did hold firm about not selling him the store and treating their dalliance as casually as she could. That said – I'm not sure I can entirely like a man who would use such ruthless means to his end. Attempting to get her thrown in jail? Trying to dig up dirt on her so he could blackmail her? It really doesn't paint him as a man of particular integrity. So good of him to back off once she was sleeping with him, but one shudders to think of what would happen to the woman who wasn't his bedpartner. I did enjoy this book and I'd be willing to pick up another book by Susan Johnson.

Book Blurb for Gorgeous as Sin

An erotic romance star who "TAKES SENSUALITY TO THE EDGE" (OAKLAND PRESS) debuts her new historical romance trilogy.

Fitz Monckton, Duke of Groveland, has never encountered a woman he can't seduce-until he clashes with the beautiful Rosalind St. Vincent, whose bookshop sits in the way of Fitz's lucrative development deal. If money won't entice Rosalind to sell her shop, Fitz must tempt her in other ways-hopefully mutually pleasurable, and profitable to them both.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.00