Gift of Magic

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Gift of Magic

Nine Kingdoms saga

Delightful! This last installment of the Nine Kingdoms' story is an almost perfect ending to the Sarah and Ruith's story -- I was both happy to see their happily ever after and disappointed that their adventures were over.

Sarah and Ruith have both grown so much past who they were before they met and bonded over their mutual desire to rid the kingdoms of the evil and it was a joy to see them as they not only grew closer to each other, but grew to better complement each other. Sarah especially, grew from being a woman with astonishing amounts of nerve for someone who had decided she was "un-magical", to not only holding her own, but being the key to their victory. Ruith's personal journey from the past was also bittersweet to witness. Surprisingly, it seems like most of the loose ends with regard to what started all their adventures to begin with, namely Ruith's father's evil, have been wrapped up. This is a good surprise, but I hope that this doesn't mean the end of the stories from the Nine Kingdoms. There are a couple more loose characters rattling about still unhitched and it would be lovely to revisit this world again. Kurland's prose when describing the magic and vibrancy of that world is impeccable and I would hate to see the door close on it. Although sometimes Kurland's stories teeter on the edge of being overly idealistic and saccharine, she never quite crosses the line, instead becoming my best go-to for a figurative snuggly, lavender scented hug. I cannot wait to see what comes next, perhaps we shall see another of Miach's brothers? Or perhaps Morgan's brothers?

Book Blurb for Gift of Magic

Gift of Magic is the latest installment in New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland's breathtaking Nine Kingdoms saga, which follows the daughter of a dreamweaver and the son of a mage as they struggle to save the realm from a magic as dark as it is powerful.

Sarah of Dore knows the pattern of spells is no accident. With each page, each powerful rune, she and Ruith are being led somewhere, to someone-but by whom, she cannot tell. Sarah's gift of sight only allows her to see the spells themselves, not the person behind them.

A reluctant sorcerer still learning to trust his own magic, Ruithneadh of Ceangail knows he's woefully unprepared for the adversaries they'll face. But he and Sarah must collect and destroy his father Gair's spells soon. Many mages seek their power, and in the wrong hands, Gair's magic would plunge the Nine Kingdoms into an eternity of darkness.

But as they pursue the final spells-acquiring strange companions, welcome allies, and unexpected foes along the way-Sarah and Ruith realize that their true quest has only just begun. The real enemy is closer, darker, and more power hungry than they ever imagined; and until he is defeated, the fate of the Nine Kingdoms hangs in dire peril.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50