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Jory Strong has a deft and sure hand when it comes to combining the sensual with a strong fantasy backing. Unlike some others, the plot never plays a back fiddle to the sex, and her stories are the stronger for it. Even though it's the usual angel versus demon versus human sidekick, Strong brings a whole new world to life around an old concept and gives it a spicy twist.


All is not as it seems, for the angels don't seem to be the “good” and the demons the “bad” – but the humans seem to be just as clueless as ever. Oh well. Although Aisling and Zurael were compelling and enchanting characters in their own right, I found that I was hungrier to see how their story would play out than I was to see them consummate their love.


I did wish that there was some more information about Aisling's past and what Zurael's father had in plan for them. There was just enough to tantalize, but I didn't feel that I got a good enough grasp of the entire picture. However, this does look as if it's going to become a series, so I guess I'll just have to be content to wait until the next book comes out. On tenterhooks, of course.

Book Blurb for Ghostland

A dazzling urban fantasy romance from a fresh new voice whose bestselling e-books have put readers "in a constant state of arousal."(Fallen Angel Reviews)

Welcome to a postapocalyptic world, where the afterlife holds beings that only the bravest can summon—or dare to desire.

Taken from her home and family, shamaness Aisling McConaughey must enter the "ghostlands" to save a wealthy man's mistress. But there's a price to pay for her power: She must summon the Djinn prince Zurael en Caym—and yield to his savage, sensual rage.

Zurael intends to kill Aisling after she's served as bait to find an enemy in possession of an ancient tablet. But the more he tastes her innocent spirit, the more he'll use his fiery touch to keep her hungry for his mercy—even as they weave an erotic spell that he cannot escape...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.50