Fortune and Fate

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Fortune and Fate

Book 5

I truly enjoyed this story, especially in light of how Sharon Shinn described Wen's emotions and reactions to what had happened to the man she was supposed to guard. Her guilt, shame, and regret were vividly presented and it was a new take on a story that had been told before. It's rare that we hear how the survivors felt, to survive their comrades, and with her position as a guard, especially the emotions tied up in surviving the person you were supposed to guard with your life. The story takes on an interesting turn after she saves the lady of Fortune and we see how she grows and moves past what has happened to see what could happen. The mystery, intrigue, and romance, although masterfully rendered, take a back seat to the profile of Wen -- which somehow is as it should be. Fortune and Fate by Sharon Shinn is a lovely, breathtaking, heartbreaking tale. This story would put Sharon Shinn on my to-buy list if she weren't there already.

Book Blurb for Fortune and Fate

National bestselling author Sharon Shinn's "lyrical and entertaining" (Kirkus Reviews) Twelve Houses books have captivated readers and critics alike with their irresistible cocktail of fantasy, romance, and adventure. Now Shinn returns with a new novel set in the same world, where a troubled Warrior Rider named Wen faces her greatest challenge in the last place she ever expected: behind the walls of a great family estate known as Fortune, where Wen has been hired to guard the young heiress. Once there, she will find that fate has other plans for her . . .

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50