Fire Raiser

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Fire Raiser

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Fire Raiser was definitely a keep you on the edge of your seat book. I rushed through it all in one sitting just to see what would happen next.
Some quibbles I have is that I felt that for a person who hasn't read Spellbinder, this can be a standalone book but there's not a clear sense of Holly and Evan's relationship. For the second book in the series though, it does an outstanding job of keeping their relationship on a nice simmer whilst having the main focus be about the plot – which was gripping, suspenseful, and appealed on many emotional levels.
Now I'm just waiting to see about those cord blood samples – perhaps a clone might pop up in the next book?

Book Blurb for Fire Raiser

Bestseller Melanie Rawn plunges down the back stairs of the old South into a dark world of family secrets and the international flesh trade that lies underneath the surface of small town politics and romance.

Holly McClure and Evan Lachlan have survived the fiery beginning of their romance and left Manhattan for Holly's ancestral home to raise their children. Evan's the county Sheriff; Holly is still a trouble-making Spellbinder trying to manipulate her family as if they were characters in one of her novels.

But something's not right in Pocahontas County. Churches are being burned down in mysterious arsons with a taint of magic on them. Sheriff Lachlan suspects that they have something to do with the new owners of the old Westmoreland plantation, now a very upscale Inn, but even if he could find proof, it's going to be hard to bring a case of Black Magic before a Judge -- even in Pocahontas County, where witchcraft is the family business of all the oldest clans.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.50