Familiar Desires

Protective Affairs, #5

This story was entertaining and mostly sweet, but be aware that it really doesn't stand alone well.

I was very confused about the roles, traditions and expectations about the various groups involved and how they were supposed to interact with each other beyond the obvious. References kept being made to things and it was impossible to deduce some things but my guesses were never really confirmed.

I was a bit disappointed when it turned out that the original misunderstanding was exactly that and not a very damning one either. I was also hoping that they'd have a bit more interaction and gain a little more depth to their relationship. That happened to a certain extent. I felt like the romance still relied heavily on the fated/chemistry aspect rather than making me believe that these three would have been together regardless. Familiar Desires is a very sweet read and the sex was hot. But I guess I never got convinced that the triad would have failed if the author had just slotted someone else into the place of one of them.

Overall this wasn't a bad way to pass an afternoon, but I wasn't wowed.

Book Blurb for Familiar Desires

Alana returns to her hometown to investigate a series of disappearances, but coming home means facing the men who are her wizards and mates. A spell forces her to work alongside the sexy-as-sin brothers and the heat of their ménage flares to life. Her inner shifter wants to emerge and claim her men, but there’s so much unsaid between them.

Kane and Michael have waited years for Alana. Their Familiar fled without explanation and this time she’s not going to slip away. Their shared magic grows more intense with each passing day, but they mean to show her that there’s more than a mystical bond between them. Michael and Kane will use the sizzling desire to lure her closer until she realizes she belongs with them.

Even as Michael, Kane and Alana savor the passion, they must discover who’s behind the kidnappings, before their chance at forever is taken away.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 3.00