Fallen Rose

"Fallen Rose" is definitely on the gory side of the dark and gritty scale. I found it rather difficult to wade through in part because of the darkness and in part because I didn't really buy all the suffering as I couldn't see the logic in the world-building. Gradually, I started to feel as if all of the terrible things were happening just because terrible things needed to happen rather than because there was a logical framework to the world that everyone needed to work within.

Rose Red and Seether's love was also something that I drew a question mark on as they barely had a chance to know each other before they were torn apart. Then, so much of the book had them struggling separately, which was troubling.

"Fallen Rose" is for those who like their demons unapologetic ally crazy-evil, lots of drama-angst in their love stories, and those who really like their heroes and heroines to work for their happily ever after.

Book Blurb for Fallen Rose

Rose Red is the eldest of the devil and Lilith’s daughters. Seether is one of the devil’s soldiers. They were never supposed to meet. But once they did, Rose and Seether will do anything to stay together.

After their affair is found out, Rose Red is locked away in a tower, never to be thought of again by her parents. Branded crazy and a lunatic, even her sisters have forsaken her. But Seether never forgets her and even though he’s been punished severely for loving the devil’s daughter, he’s a soldier still.

Seether has attempted to break Rose free in the past, but this time he has succeeded. Now they need to navigate the dangerous terrain of hell to free themselves of Rose's parents, and the black cloud of deceit that got Rose locked up to begin with.

Reader Alert! Rose Red has been imprisoned in a tower for hundreds of years. Hold on tight because she finally gets free and want to make up for lost time.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 3.00