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I picked this book up because I read the other book in the series and because I thought that the idea was interesting and could promise lots of fun if executed right. Unfortunately, it didn't quite deliver.

For one thing, the weird instantaneous sexual attraction between "fated" lovers? Been there, done that, it just messes with the plot -- stop doing it. For another, it would have been helpful if Thalia had managed to come up with a good reason for her poor self-esteem instead of whining about it constantly. As it was, between Justin's instant hard-on for her and his incessant praise for her, it was impossible to understand what she was whining about. Then, when the fates showed up to pull her out of there? It didn't appear that she went anywhere. Especially considering that she was supposed to be finding a husband and her heart's desire, the fact that she didn't want to hear those three words from him was just plain strange. Then there was the "let's thwart you so you realise what you truly want" bit.

It didn't make sense, didn't work, and was just plain frustrating to read through at time.

Book Blurb for Faetful

Two sisters, one crown and a race to find true love… Or suffer the consequences. *Shudder* The Queendom.

Thalia does not want to become Queen. Balls and frills are not her “thing”. She’d much rather curl up with a good book, or her computer, than toss on a gown for a night of schmoozing. But with her parents gone, the Queendom is becoming a distinct possibility…unless she can wiggle her way out of it and foist it on her sister Jessica. With a little bit of fast talking she’s got the Fates on her side, aiding her quest for her heart’s desire--and there’s no way it will ever involve a man or the “L” word. Nu uh.

Justin’s jonesing for a plot of land in Lacoochee, Florida. It’s a prime piece of real estate and he wants it. Bad. He’s not above using the mutual attraction between he and Thalia to his advantage. Sort of. Kinda. Okay, only a little and only until he is in lo– Nope, can’t say the word. Things “happen” when the “L” word is mentioned and Tally made him promise…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 2.75