Engineering a Plan

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Engineering a Plan

Innate Wright Book 4

Note: this is installment 4 of a serial. Should be read in order for maximum understanding and enjoyment. Also, for those accustomed to Viola Grace's romances - this story doesn't have a romance arc.

Engineering a Plan might be the weakest link in the serial, certainly it's the weakest segment thus far- secrets are uncovered, new tech is revealed, and so on...but it didn't grip me. It's not boring, precisely, but it's also not as funny as previous installments, less humor, with what feels like less character development and very much feels like a bridge towards what the author is working towards. You can't skip it, but it's a bit of a trudge unless you want to piece together the puzzle. Which I didn't, not really. There's some stuff left unsaid, a lot of tech that came out of nowhere, and as the reader I felt brought along for the ride, but not in the best way. It's also hard to explain without giving away massive spoilers so I'll leave it as "world-building in progress, power through".

Still, I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Book Blurb for Engineering a Plan

The pilots have gotten their bots under their control and are now ready for the next phase in the attack strategy. They are meeting that plan with one of their own.

Back to the city yet again, the pilots are charged with activating the final weapon of the first war, if they can find the stations that will start the machine up after its long sleep.

Being outside the bots is difficult for the pilots, but when they begin taking fire, there is nothing that they want more than the safety of their recent metal companions.

Whose plan was this anyway?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 3.00