Edge of Temptation

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Edge of Temptation

I have to admit, I came into this story with some trepidation. Gunnar is a man half-crazed with grief and guilt and self-doubt, a tech-wizard looking for a virgin to sacrifice to bring his true love back to life.

Not the most auspicious beginning, no?

However, Megan Crane managed to make it work, and beautifully. Maud isn't a shy, naive, helpless virgin. Gunnar may have set out with a plan, but it's clear from almost the very first moment they meet that the plans are going to change in a huge way.

So what ends up happening is that Maud and Gunnar dance around his past, his guilt, and his grief. All the while, it's clear that it's a love story waiting to burst into full bloom. I loved how Maud is possibly the braver of the two, the stronger, and definitely the more dangerous in that context. Gunnar may be the marauder, but he's no match for his true mate.

What I found disappointing was the lack of backstory. In one way it's nice to have the action perpetually move forward, but I felt that some more insight into what made these people the way that they were and what made them tick and hurt would have been great. As it was, things were vaguely hinted at or painted over in broad strokes, and I wanted more detail.

That said, Edge of Temptation was an enjoyable read and I can't wait to see who's going to fall next.

Book Blurb for Edge of Temptation

USA Today bestselling author Megan Crane returns with the next book in her dark, forbiddenly sexy Edge series about a brotherhood of men--alpha, dominant, unforgiving warriors who keep what they take...

Gunnar is a ruined man in a desolate world. He might not believe in black magic, but if there’s the chance it might bring back his lost mate from her early death, he’ll try it. All he needs is to capture a virgin - a rare thing in his torn world - to make the doomed spell work. He does not expect the passion he feels for his beautiful captive to wreck him every time he looks at her. But sometimes temptation is just too much...

Maud was promised to the church a long time ago. Yet when she encounters brooding, ruthless Gunnar, the desire that flares between them obliterates any sense of duty. She’s managed to avoid surrender all these holy years—her very soul has depended on it. But Gunnar’s iron control makes her want nothing more than to bare her heart, and submit to him completely...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.00