Divine Redemption

Divine Redemption was a short, hot read. If seen from a perspective of simple entertainment, it definitely hit the spot. The premise was interesting and the characters appealing.

However, perhaps it was a short story, I found that Strong did a lot more telling rather than showing, which made for some choppy reading. It seemed like this was a story idea that would have benefited immensely from being expanded upon. The backstory was very interesting and I thought it was a pity that it was glossed over, mostly in inner monologue form by Thanos. If there had been some expansion, more of the showing of the story, this would have been a better read.

For that matter, I felt like the emotions of the characters were being "told" to me rather than being shown. The lust, the desire, the love -- it all seemed very superficial because everything was happening so fast and the plot lines were in competition with character development for page space.

I have to admit that this isn't up to Jory Strong's usual standards. Still a good read, but not nearly as good as her longer works. Good for a quickie, but for a better sample of this author, I'd suggest picking up one of her longer works. Especially the ghostland series, which is exquisitely crafted.

Book Blurb for Divine Redemption

While a standalone, Divine Redemption is a loose sequel to Death’s Courtship.
Their connection was instant, their attraction intense. Reincarnated souls reunited though neither consciously realize the depth of their bond. Temperance and Demetri love each other. Lust after each other. But a third waits, someone who will complete an already near-perfect union.
Thanos wronged them in a previous existence and, as the mortal son of Dionysus, was punished for it by the Fates. He’s had lifetimes to repent, eons to witness the rebirths and deaths of the two people who have come to mean everything to him.
Now the Moirae have finally reunited the three of them, giving Thanos a chance to rekindle an ancient flame. For their part, Tempe and Demetri must choose him freely. While Thanos must avoid retracing old steps—and betraying his lovers once again. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 2.75