Dawn Endeavor 1: Fallon's Flame

As par for the course in Marie Harte's Circ series -- this story was hot, fast-paced, exciting, and definitely kept me on my toes. 

I enjoyed how the overall storyline is unfolding slowly with each successive story, Harte manages to combine just the right amount of suspense and action with each couple. The steamy scenes were just the right antidote to the heavier plot elements and each character was fully developed with their own distinctive personalities. 

That said, I can't wait until a female Circ who is more than just a companion shows up. Alpha males who are strong and brimming with testosterone are all very well and good, but I'm ready for a girl who can kick ass with the best of them. To be perfectly frank, it doesn't feel like the women stand out as much as the men do, and that's a pity. Olivia never really gets a chance to shine, and it seems like she's not so much a partner as a liability. To a certain extent, it also feel like any woman who was Circ would do -- a bit more romance, a bit more back and forth, a bit more romantic character development would make this series much better. 

Book Blurb for Dawn Endeavor 1: Fallon's Flame

Paranormal Shape-shifter Menage
Length: Novel
Genetic manipulation has created the first super soldier, the Circ. Able to transform into hulking, inhuman beasts at will, the second generation of Circs, under Project Dawn Endeavor, is much more dangerous than the first. The secret, psychically gifted four-man team who once worked for the U.S. Navy now belongs to the mysterious Mrs. Sharpe who is bent on cleaning up science gone wrong around the globe. She sends the men of Dawn Endeavor out on behalf of the United States government, but there’s more to her agenda than patriotism. If only the team knew what she really had planned.
There are few minds Jesse Fallon can’t read. Mrs. Sharpe’s is one of them. Olivia Lynn’s, the team’s new interpreter on their latest mission, is another. The woman is smart, sexy, and hell on Jesse's libido. Her lips say she refuses to become romantically involved with an ex-SEAL, but her body says something else entirely. Jesse’s Circ, and a Circ can never find satisfaction with a human, because only a Circ can ease his carnal needs. Except Olivia satisfies everything inside him and leaves him craving more. When the mission goes wrong, he’ll have to learn Olivia’s secrets in order to save her, and in turn, save himself. Because a Circ in love is a walking time bomb.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practice, ménage (m/f/m), sex while in shifted form.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75