Darkest Ecstasy

Where to even start...

Okay, so the sex was pretty hot. Not exactly my cuppa tea, but hey, I figure it'd do it for some other person.

That said -- the rest of the story just had me shaking my head.


(Mini Spoiler) Part of the problem was that the story opens up with Talen, the main dude, professing his love for someone else. Not exactly something that starts me off on a good note. Before people start screaming spoiler, that was in the first five pages and this will be your last spoiler of the review.


So I'm already really needing something amazing chemistry-wise or something to believe in this couple.

Then Michelle pops into his love. Whoa boy insta-lust. I could have rolled with that, except Talen keeps acting like a jerk and Michelle keeps taking him back because... because.

At this point I'm really shaking my head and kinda wishing that Michelle would just find a nice something else to date when things really go downhill. Suffice to say nothing seems to happen for the right reason and I really wasn't impressed by the so-called "necessary" things that were going on.

Talen kinda redeems himself in the end with heroics, but again, because of all the crazy beforehand, it just felt like yet more crazy. Over-the-top heroics after insta-love/insta-lust and jerky behaviour, then curtains and end.

There was also a lot of throwing secondary characters into the fire to create plot tension that I didn't appreciate because those secondary characters were barely anything more than a stick figure with a name tag. I found it hard to care what happened to them because I wasn't really even introduced to them.

In short, it just wasn't for me.

Book Blurb for Darkest Ecstasy

He wants her.

He wants to possess her.


And her body says yes.


Talen knows the Black Gryffons are the last line of defense against the Chimera. He must marry in order to carry on the family legacy. But finding a woman who will be his partner in love and his slave for sex won't be easy. He needs a woman who will submit to him completely, who will let him take her body in any way he wants, in ways she never imagined. With a hard thrust or a slow tease, he will make her burn with desire and beg for erotic ecstasy like she's never known before...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00