Crossbred Son

I enjoyed this book, but it really did give the impression of being truncated. When I got to the last page, I was very surprised to find that there wasn't any more.

I loved Michael, the toddler warrior. He was the shining point of the book and a huge part of why this is rated the way it is. Otherwise, Abby lacked the fire that I usually like in my heroines and Gabe simply wasn't anything terrible special.

As usual, Brenna Lyons' worldbuilding details are intriguing, but I felt that often she would skim across something and then not go into detail, which got frustrating. It also got a bit irritating when the conflict mentioned in the blurb never got resolved. This would probably have been solved if this book had been longer, but as it is, I'm hoping there's a sequel that will tie everything together.

Not a bad idea for a quick, hot read with cool aliens, but reader be warned.

Book Blurb for Crossbred Son

Diagnosed with a chronic reproductive problem that would prevent her from having children, Abby walked away from Gabe and her dreams of a life as his mate.

Then came the curve ball. She was pregnant with his child, a child that the human doctors assured her would miscarry before viability.

What's a girl to do? Tell Gabe and force him to mourn a child that couldn't possibly survive or try to carry their son alone and face heartbreak the same way?

No brainer. Or so she thought.

Not only did Michael survive, he thrived. Now Abby is a single Hauaa to a Xxanian crossbred child, in a world where anti-Xxan guerillas are looking for the next reason to attack...and with no clue how she's going to explain the situation to Gabe.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.00