Crave Me

Luminous, #2

"Crave Me" is sweet spicy candy. I liked seeing how Chloe went after Simon and how their relationship progressed. I liked that it wasn't a case where Chloe didn't really know Simon but crushed on him for ages - it was made very clear that they were for each other. For those who like their BDSM hot but not brutal, Crave Me would be a good fit.

It's a good read, but I ended up being frustrated by the premise of the conflict. Chloe doesn't want to step on her sister's toes, but unfortunately her sister ends up seeming like a completely crazy loon who is holding onto a grudge over nothing at all and that made it difficult for me to understand why Chloe cared about her opinion at all. It would have helped if her sister had seemed like more than a one-dimensional caricature unfairly out for blood.

I enjoyed Crave Me and I'm looking forward to what's next.

Book Blurb for Crave Me


I know I shouldn't covet my sister's ex-boyfriend. 

She may have wanted nothing to do with his BDSM lifestyle, but I'm a born submissive. And the only place I want to be is under Simon's command.  

But he won't go near me. Not with the memory of her so close. 

That leaves me no choice. If he won't touch me when he knows who I am, I'll have to come to him in disguise. 

He's worth the risk. I'm meant to be his. Now I just have to prove it to him.  



Being a Dominant cost me my first love, but I can't deny who I am. I won't. Control and power are everything, and the way I keep mine is by playing only with experienced subs. No exceptions. 

Until I met her. 

She wore a mask, but I knew the moment our lips touched she was meant to belong to me. Young, new to the world of BDSM—I knew training her would be a risk. 

I didn't know it would destroy me.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.50