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Counter Spike

Innate Wright Book 5

Note: this is book 5 out of a serial; the previous books must be read in order for the story to make sense. For those who read Viola Grace's romances - this is not one of them. There is no romance arc.

Why doesn't it surprise me that the heroine I love most in this story is one named Duel? This was a good installment - we have people owning up to their past mistakes, moving into the future, and fighting for their world, all interspersed with more snippets of softness and affection.

I realize that my reviews for this serial has been in almost the vaguest of terms and whereas I regret it, it's difficult to talk about anything without giving out spoilers.

In this particular segment of the story, the heroines are hunting down ways to do super high tech things with nanites to defeat their enemies, whilst also picking up and shredding scrap metal in their spare time. That's pretty much how this bit goes and I'm not certain if I'm applauding the illustration of the heroines in their downtime when they're not actively saving the world but building it, or regretting that it throws off pacing. Perhaps both. Either way, Counter Spike was a good installment in the story and I can't wait to see more.

Book Blurb for Counter Spike

It is time to take the battle to the aliens and a weapon to pluck them out of the sky is on the agenda.

With a grasp of the situation and a weapon that can reach a descending ship required, the engineers get to go back to doing what they do best. Those who aren’t designing have the past coming up to bite them, the pilots are getting tired of the run to the City.

Learning that alien hostages were held in stasis under the city seems to be just one more thorn in the sides of the pilots, but what they discover opens everything that they thought they knew into complete and shocking light.

The future may be interesting, but the honest past will shock them to their cores.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.00