City Strike

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City Strike

Innate Wright Book 3

Note: The Innate Wright books are a serial and must be read in order. Also, for those used to reading Viola Grace's romances - there is no romance in this story.

"City Strike" is where the story and the heroines really hit their stride, pun intended. I really enjoyed getting to know each pilot and their bots. In this installment I got to see them working together and I really enjoyed seeing that the bots weren't always superior in knowledge. Watching the pilots surprise the bots was some of the funnier things and made for great running jokes. I will never look at bees the same way again. The pilots of Bot City have a culture, a shared experience and goals that they work towards and it's illustrated in beautiful depth. Even in the midst of rushing to save their city and the world, they still find time to be gentle to bees and to move flowers instead of burying them. Every little snippet builts to a wonderful tapestry and I can't wait to see more in this world. Preferably romances set in this world, but even though pure sci-fi isn't usually my gig, the heart in the Innate Wright books might persuade me to change my mind.

Book Blurb for City Strike

With the transformation from engineers to pilots, the ladies must fight the memories of their ancestors in order to keep their focus on finding the defensive weaponry that goes with their bots. The city holds the key to the weapons, but the bots are on the outside of the gates and the caches are on the inside.

Each ancient pilot knew where the weapons had been buried, and those memories are now pressed into service as the engineers break through the city gates to get what they need to save their own people.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 3.50