City of Tears

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City of Tears

Ontarian Chronicles, Book Three

This was an entertaining and novel read.

Saebin and her story enchanted me; Cyndi Friberg definitely spun an interesting web with some unexpected twists. I do think that in some cases the plot becomes somewhat over-encumbered with additional story lines and characters. The story could have been split up into a duet or even a trilogy, in my opinion, as the plot seemed a bit too big for its current length. I was slightly confused at times as to whom, why, what, and where. Overall though, I was fascinated and would definitely want to see more of this world that she built.

Book Blurb for City of Tears

Ontarian Chronicles, Book Three.

Commander Lyrik cet Barrel must determine if the genetically engineered, cybernetically enhanced woman is too dangerous to live. His immediate and passionate attraction to the subject of his study isn't making his assignment any easier. She might be the biggest threat Ontariese has ever faced or an invaluable ally in the conflict awaiting them.

Saebin is battling for control over the neuro-stimulators and munitions implants that have changed her into a ruthless assassin. She has never known kindness and doesn't trust the virile male she encounters as she awakens from stasis. He stirs desires she doesn't understand and longings she can't ignore. He insists she's been rescued, not captured by an enemy. But Saebin has never known anything but captivity.

Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title and has been re-edited for Cerridwen Press.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.00