Chubby is the Night

A sassy, fun read, I breezed through this, incapable of putting it down.

I did feel a bit misled by the title and the synopsis, however. Max may be plus-sized, but  in my opinion the story didn't exactly touch upon her problems sufficient to warrant the title or the deliberate mention in the blurb. I thought that it was sort of cheap that all of her problems went away with a simple re-fitting with clothing that actually suited her. I would have liked to see a story where she was actually found attractive for other than her body and this didn't deliver. That said, I almost feel as if this would have done better to have had a different title, a more alluring one perhaps.

Although, really, vampires and their consorts have been done to death, pun not intended, Grace manages to carry it off with aplomb. Max is an engaging and charismatic character that almost alway surprises with what she does next.

Viola Grace mentions that she wants to expand this into a full-length story at some point and I, for one, will be ready to snatch it up when it comes out.

Book Blurb for Chubby is the Night


LOG LINE: A night at the bar changes Max's life, and changes her from human to an Abomination, even for vampires.

Max just wanted to have a night out with her cousin and go home. As a plus sized lass, she didn't fit in amongst the tiny blonde gazelles, but protecting her cousin from a perv in the alley changed her fate. In a moment of self-preservation when a man started chewing on her neck, she bit the hand over her mouth, setting a paranormal chemical reaction into play. Now that she is infected with his blood, he either needs to turn her or destroy her. The vampire tribunal chips in with an option for Max. She can rescue their kidnapped Guild Master, and he will decide her fate. Sounds like the best deal of the evening.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.00