Challenging Saber

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Challenging Saber

The Alliance, #4

Spirited girl with a fighting spirit. A gentle but fierce warrior. A love that has been there forever. Commitment to a love despite tragedy and loss.

On paper, all of these things sounded like they should combine to create a book that would really resonate with me. In reality, it didn't quite hit the mark.

I often felt, throughout the narrative, that I was being carried gently above the story. I never quite got into things because of that distance. I wanted more and never received it. More scenes where I saw them being together, falling in love, getting to know each other's mind intimately, beyond that "mate" stuff. More of the usual day to day, where they would talk about what they were doing, where they were going, what things they were fighting for and against. Just more.

A lot was happening and it carried the story along at a relatively quick pace, so it was never boring per se. I was invested in what was going on and I liked the plot and I really did appreciate how the heroine kicked ass in a non-traditional fashion. Gymnastics for the win; who knew? It just felt very much like riding a fast moving walkway just an inch above the ground, seeing the world, but never being part of it.

There were many things that were intriguing: the political situation, the hints of a time-traveler, the new alien races with shiny new things and challenges. But despite all that, I found myself curiously unmoved at the end of the book. There was academic interest, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to take another fast, impersonal ride through someone else's life.

The whole issue was also solved in a way that didn't gratify. Saber's issue with his leg? Sort of hand-waved away with tech when I would have preferred that he conquer his demons first.

Challenging Saber isn't a bad choice for an afternoon, but it wasn't memorable and it wasn't satisfying for me.

Book Blurb for Challenging Saber

Sometimes it takes losing the one thing closest to a warrior’s heart to wake the beast that lives inside him…

Saber, a wounded Trivator, believes he is no longer a fit warrior, much less strong enough to claim a mate. Scarred, he does everything in his power to push away the delicate human female he has fallen in love with. He knows that she deserves a warrior who can protect her, not one that will need her constant help.

Taylor Sampson may be human, but that doesn’t make her weak. She and her two older sisters survived living on Earth for four years after their world went crazy. She is all grown up now and has her eye on the one stubborn Trivator that captured her heart seven years before.

Taylor has one last requirement in order to complete her schooling. Once she finishes, she plans to show Saber that he is the man she wants, but when the planet she is on erupts into a civil war, she is trapped behind enemy lines. When Saber discovers that Taylor has been left behind, the warrior inside him refuses to think of her as collateral damage in a savage battle for power.

Journey to a lawless, alien world and discover what happens when the beast awakens inside a damaged Trivator warrior when the woman he loves is threatened.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.00