Challenge Protocol

I really enjoyed this story, especially fiery, spirited Cambria. However, I'm rather ambivalent about Mia's portrayal in the book. Why call her China Doll when she's Korean? The meekness, unrelentingly strict parents and preoccupation with zodiac imagery such as water signs and all that also got a bit flat rather quickly - talk about racial stereotypes.

All that aside, it was a pleasure to watch Cambria flirt with Logan and Dack. She was spirited and assertive without being a bitch about it and that's always refreshing. I loved how she knew exactly what she wanted and didn't take any stupidity from anyone, not even herself. The camaraderie between Logan and Dack was very well handled, it was a true pleasure to see how they interacted and dealt with the hand they were dealt. It was touching and funny in turn and I wanted to see more of it.

I did want to know at the end how Logan and Dack ended up figuring who would marry her though. I was hoping that Beck and Mia would be an item, but as it doesn't seem to be working out that way, I can't wait for their stories. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Dawn Ryder.

Book Blurb for Challenge Protocol

Cambria is no stranger to hot men or hot loving. She likes her relationships simple — hot, satisfying and under her control. Until Dack and Logan walk into her life. Now nothing's simple, and she's losing control. Two hot, hard men who live together, work together and love together, and the woman they want is her. Getting them out of her head, her bed, or her life isn't working. Choosing between them isn't an option.

A vengeful enemy has forced Dack and Logan to live a life spent watching each other's backs, 24/7. That includes in the bedroom. Nowhere is safe. Love affairs are brief. But Cambria is a lady neither of them can resist. With her sassy attitude and passionate nature, she touches some part of them they'd thought dead.

Stormy passion and tender touches tempt the two battle-scarred warriors with a taste of the forbidden, but how to keep the woman they both want safe, and in their bed?

This is a sequel to Outside Protocol, although it can be read as a stand-alone.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 3.00