Cat Style

Stray Cats, #1

Confusing, disjointed, and slapdash.

I liked the premise, but what happened wasn't what I expected. There was literally no warning between pet Fang and human Ascher and it felt like Penelope really took things in stride a little too well. I would have preferred to have seen a little of their bond before he sprung the news on her. And then there was the villain-suspense-crazy which didn't really make sense and felt like something thrown in for added conflict. I would have thought that getting over your pet turning into a man and then getting into a sexual relationship with him would have been dramatic and conflicted enough, but that's just me.

I think that the author was trying to do way too much for the length. The whole thing might have worked if it had been fleshed out and there had been more characterization and background given, but as it was, it wasn't a lot of a fun and it really wasn't believable.

Book Blurb for Cat Style

Penelope went to the witch's house to look at the cats, not bring one home. The moment she spotted the tiny fur baby with huge green eyes, she lost her heart. But Hildegard's cats aren't all they seem. One skeptical owner plus one affectionate shifter equals love cat-style -- but will love prevail over the evil threatening to kill her furry best friend?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 2.50