Caged Killer

I really did like this, although it was a guilty pleasure sort of liking.

Knox and Mick were fun characters and it was great to see how their relationship started, so to speak. However, I would have preferred to have had a little more lead up, a bit more buildup before it was twu wuv and living together and an HEA.

The thing is, it works, mostly. These two are that kind of weird (a thief and an assassin) where either there needs to be 200 pages of explanation or you just roll with the punches and kick disbelief into the next galaxy. This book does let you do that; the pacing is fast, the steam almost rises off the pages, and those two together are like oil and fire -- the story would just have been so much better if it were longer.

Book Blurb for Caged Killer

Knox is a killer hired to catch a thief, but what happens when the thief catches the assassin instead, and chains him up? Nothing good. Nothing … sane.

Knox Calvin has spent his life repressing his sexuality. When Mick Lannon picks at his carefully constructed mental cage with a knife, he isn’t prepared for the fallout. Unfortunately, Knox isn’t the kind of man who can be bound for long, and Mick has his own demons to wrestle into submission. When Mick’s vendetta against his aunt’s killer spirals into all out war, Knox escapes to watch the carnage from a distance.

Mick likes his sex casual, his partners breathing, and doesn’t much care about anything else. Knox wasn’t interested in sex at all until Mick shackled him to a wall. What happens when one moment’s slip into darkness wakes up the monster in both men?

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, knife play, blood play, breath play

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00