Burning Day

Innate Wright Book 1

Note: this is the first installment of a serial. Also for those who are used to Viola Grace's romances - there is no romance thread in this story.

The Innate Wright books are difficult for me to rate because I came into them thinking there'd be a romance. Nope. That said, I've been thinking for years that it would be wonderful if Viola Grace's stories were longer and the reader really had the chance to dig deeper into them. I'm very pleased to note that Burning Day really lives up to the promise.

This is sci-fi done brilliantly. Burning Day sets everything up. We get to know the women who end up piloting the bots. We see who they are and how they react under pressure. Where they came from and what they're fighting for is made clear. How they fight - that's what we're going to see.

What I loved was seeing how everything came together - these women weren't supposed to be the pilots, but it was all for the best, and it wasn't (entirely?) because of some magical fated thing, but also because this was what their background had trained them to do.

Wonderful start; looking forward to the next installment. This one does end in the middle of things, so those who don't like cliffhangers, have the next book handy before you start.

Book Blurb for Burning Day

A human colony preparing to celebrate three hundred years on its new world is suddenly faced with an enemy that hearkens back to their early days on Hera.

The giant bots that saved the colony have been dormant for nearly two centuries. During a celebration that proves the engineers have kept them ready for battle, the party turns into a race to save lives and get to the bots.

The engineers have been responsible for the mechanical stability of the bots. They are not pilots. The pilots are in the city, two hundred kilometers away. There are six surviving bots and six engineering clans that care for them. It is up to the engineers to get the bots up and running so that they can get the right pilot for the right job. If they can get the bots moving.

Six women, six stories, and six very different AIs giving them attitude.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00