Break for Home

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Break for Home

Innate Wright Book 2

Note: this is the second installment of a serial; definitely not a standalone. Also, there is no romance thread in this story.

Break for Home picks up almost immediately where Burning Day drops off. What's done really well is that we have six women piloting the bots and the author really does give us insight into all of them. It's a big cast, since the AIs in the bots also have personalities of their own, but it never feels overwhelming. There's a dry sense of humor throughout which leavens what's otherwise a pretty grim story. The founding of Bot City; what the women had to do to survive and thrive; and what waits for them at their origin city - all of this is explored and although things aren't going as expected, there's hope.

Break for Home is also pretty amazing in that this is a sci-fi story where women are front and center. Sure, the bots have male AIs, but the real heroes are the pilots and they shine. In particular because the pilots came from a city of women, and everything they're doing and can do is a result of the ingenuity and strength of other women. It's remarkable and wonderful.

Although I'm strictly a romance reader, I enjoyed this story and I'd definitely read another of its sort by Viola Grace.

Book Blurb for Break for Home

The six engineers of Bot City cross the wasteland in a desperate attempt to gain the trained pilots for the bots they are driving need. While the women can make the bots move, they don’t know how to use them as weapons. That is a skill that the original pilots had, and they need.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00