Border Lass

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Border Lass

Amanda Scott weaves a fine tale with a strong sense of history. The political intrigue only added to the romance and made Amalie that much more attractive a heroine. I loved Garth’s quiet strength and really felt that they were a good match. I did want a bit more detail on what happened to Amalie with her brothers though, there were plenty of allusions, but it would have been nice to have known why and how things happened the way they did. The ambiguity of how and why that event happened did not help. I re-read the book several times, convinced that I must have missed something, but I still couldn’t find that missing link. That said, this was an enjoyable tale and the supporting characters were so vibrant that I can’t wait to see if there’s any more stories about them.

Book Blurb for Border Lass

A woman locked in her past and the fierce knight determined to set her free...Amanda Scott returns readers to the fourteenth century Scottish Borders, when men battled sword against sword and the hills echoed with the thunder of a thousand hooves.

Unfit for marriage? Young, fair, yet mistrustful of men, Amalie Murray harbors a secret--one that could keep her single for life. At the coronation of the King of Scots, she overhears the plotting of a terrifying act...and virtually falls into the arms of Sir Garth Napier. Moved by her plight, Garth knows she now desperately needs protection--especially from her own stubbornness. Their unexpected passion and desire make Garth coax the truth out of Amalie, and make him more determined than ever to keep her safe. For though Amalie may be an "inappropriate bride," she's a woman he would gladly die for.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75