Blutjagdfrau Lost

I really liked this installment in the Warrior world, especially since it hearkens back to an earlier time and it somehow felt more fitting with the entire feel of their culture and traditions.

I also appreciated the relationship between Ahdia and her twin and their fierce connection to each other. The story felt as much about their love and support for each other as about Ahdia and Taigh. It also felt like there was actually some relationship and emotional development between Ahdia and Taigh rather than simply being a case of insta-love/lust.

What was intriguing was that Lyons made my heart break for Jotem -- even though he was set up to be the villain, I could never quite see him that way. Unfortunately, I was hoping for a little more detail into how the Stone worked and how a Warrior could turn into a Beast, but that was never really clarified. I still enjoyed the story, but I'm unsure that this really stands alone without knowing more from previous books.

Korji's story felt like a bit of a tacked on afterthought, thrown in because Lyons knew that the readers would want to know that Korji found his happiness as well after being so careful to take care of Ahdia's, but it didn't really feel well developed. His story felt more like a case of insta-love on the part of his lover and a little bit of "I'm so deprived I'll take the first thing that catches my fancy". I was still happy to see that he had a happy ending, but it felt rushed and incomplete.

All said, this was still a sweet, hot read and pretty worth picking up.

Book Blurb for Blutjagdfrau Lost

Rajicorin's mate has gone beast and released the Stone to the traitors.

The only way she'll live to hold her son is if she leaves the Warrior village behind and keeps herself hidden from both sides.

The war refugees believe Raji is a great sorceress, and legends of her spread. But the Stone is playing one of Her twisted games. Raji is carrying not just a son but also a daughter.

Orphaned at birth and left to be raised by the barbarian refugees, Korji and Ahdia have no idea which dark giants are friends and which are foes. It is up to Taigh and his family to win their trust and bring the lost children of Ani home to the Warriors.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00