Blood Ties

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Blood Ties

Dark Secrets

William meets Priscilla at a dance and impetuously marks her as his mate that very night. Unfortunately, he is forced to leave her behind and flee when a busybody sees him during the marking and calls down a vampire slayer, who just so also happened to be at the party. This marks, no pun intended, the beginning of two centuries of cat and mouse between the two as Priscilla vows to get her revenge upon her maker, the man who destroyed her life and left her for dead that fateful night.

I found it hard to suspend belief for part of this story, as for about half the book, Priscilla is hell-bent on revenge, even going so far as fraternizing with the enemy in order to bring him down. Then suddenly, she's forgiven him for all and sundry without much advance warning. Granted, the man did save her life - but after nursing her hatred for 200 odd years, I find it a bit hard to swallow. Regardless, if you enjoy a feisty, spirited heroine who can hold her own against any and all fate or man has to throw at her and a lover who is tender with endless patience, this is a book you'll want to try. Missy Lyons also has some novel ideas about how vampires function, some of which are a relief from the usual vampire mythos. I'd suggest picking up this book for a long trip or a rainy day.

Book Blurb for Blood Ties

Priscilla had been called by many names over the centuries, immortal, monster, killer, vampire, and they were all true. Only once had someone called her a dark angel, mistaking her beauty for something less than deadly. She hated being a killer, she hated the dark monster that she had become, but most of all she hated the man that made her what she was today. That was why she vowed she would have her revenge at all costs. A dangerous woman on the loose with a penchant for killing was a recipe for disaster. The obstinate woman was intent on killing William Blackmore at all costs. He had made many mistakes over his lifetime. He lived a life filled with grief and regrets, isolated and lonely, he recognized the light in her soul could warm his lonely existence and he immediately wanted her for himself. He made many mistakes, but making her a vampire was not one of them. He regretted not being a better man, and so much more in his life. Bound by blood, these two were connected body and soul. When a vampire shared blood with another vampire, it connected them eternally to one another. And when a male chose a female, marking meant choosing a mate. Despite her resistance they were now connected by blood ties. Blood Ties are not meant to be broken. Blood Ties run deeper than just being family or friends. Blood ties are ties that bind them for life.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00