Big City Collection

Somewhat frothy, but ultimately entertaining.

I liked "Big City Dragon" most of all. It was definitely the insta-mate, insta-love sort of fun, but it worked. Mostly.

"Uptown Dragon's" hero, Oro, is the kinda-villain of "Big City Dragon", and that might have worked if the stories had been longer and more character development had happened, but that wasn't the case. It was nice to see his mate lead him on a chase, however, and she sort of made him make up for his earlier insanity. Sort of.

I wasn't quite as fond of "Up Town Vampire". I liked Russ - because how can you not love a vampire who's approachable, cheerful, and always sweet? The problem was that I didn't like his mate nearly a quarter as much - I felt like her insistence on finding a "real vampire" to be snobbish and off-putting. The reason why comes out later, but it didn't really fix the problem.

"Big City Vampire" was a bit forgettable, unfortunately. Not much went wrong here, but not much amazing happened either. Usual vampire plus lust plus mates sort of thing.

"Big City Wolf" was fairly sweet, even if I didn't really buy into the "staying apart for centuries bit" of the "being mates" thing. I thought that they had wasted quite a lot of time apart, even for immortals, and how was it that they'd managed to survive apart for that long, but then just poufed into an happily ever after seemingly without effort?

"Big City Collection" is a fairly good bedtime read. The stories are short enough that they won't keep you up and there's enough bite to keep things interesting, with a fairly straight shot to the happily ever after.

Book Blurb for Big City Collection

In Big City Dragon, Frey, a powerful dragon shifter, is prepared to fight to the death for his mate, Perla, a human female. In Big City Vampire, the vampire Vasile's greatest battle may be to convince his human mate that he's real. Oro, an arrogant yet handsome dragon shifter, is shocked to find out that Hailey, his destined mate, might not want him in Uptown Dragon. In Uptown Vampire, Russ, a vampire who has spent his lifespan pretending to be human, meets Vanna, a woman who believes she's destined to bond with a vampire. The Big City series concludes with Big City Wolf, a story about a pack princess and a lone wolf, two lovers reconnecting after having been torn apart for centuries.

This collection contains the previously released Big City series novellas Big City Dragon, Big City Vampire, Uptown Dragon, Uptown Vampire, and Big City Wolf.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 3.50