Bertie's Golden Treasure

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Bertie's Golden Treasure

What seems designed to be a playful romp through historical England mostly hits, Bertie's Golden Treasure certainly maintains a light-hearted tone throughout the story. Although I liked Bertie a good deal, as she resonates with the devil-may-care small voice that says: "Let society rot!" within my head, more often than not I found myself wincing a bit at the amount of scrapes she manages to get herself in. Bertie walks the fine line between being an endearing watering pot as she tests the limits of society's patience and being a rather dreary person with her lack of self-esteem. For those that enjoy a good courtship, Sean will charm the socks right off your feet. I especially loved the tender yet sneaky way he went about it, he knew what he wanted and strategically set out to attack all the defenses she set up, he definitely didn't just sit around forlornly like a lovesick fool. I did enjoy the wonderful descriptions of Sean and his devotion, not to mention Beloved, and I wager you will too.

Book Blurb for Bertie's Golden Treasure

A gypsy predicts for Bertie a golden treasure. Tall, awkward and lacking in confidence, all she wants is a London Season. Following a series of misadventures she returns home, only to discover that everything there is different. It's little comfort to her when she discovers the new Duke of Kilnarne intends to make her his duchess. And he won't take no for an answer.

Neither Bertie nor her sister Bessie fits the mold of the perfect Regency Miss. Will true love pass them by as well?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 3.00