This story put Anya Richards on my watch list. It's short, but it doesn't stint on detail and character development.

I really liked Jane and Sergio -- they really came to life for me and Anya made their relationship seem real for me. It was clear that their relationship had been simmering for a while and that this was the culmination of an unorthodox courtship.

The world feels solid -- Jane's situation, the class and race tensions, Sergio's relationship with his family -- all of it was woven together to create a solid story and a love that I could cheer on.

I will definitely have my eye out for more of Anya's stories as they are satisfying despite being short, with wonderfully hot sensuality.

Book Blurb for Bellissima

His seductive rhythm calls to the passionate soul hiding within…

Jane Rollins is anything but plain, but to keep her position as housekeeper to a wealthy family, she is content to hide her beauty behind a dull façade. This deception has become second-nature to her—until dance master Sergio Fontini waltzes into her life.

While the other inhabitants of the house see him as a foreigner and beneath their notice, Jane sees strength, barely leashed power, and an aura of iron control—an irresistible, arousing combination.

Sergio sees through Jane’s disguise to the woman beneath, and the desires in her veiled gaze call to him like the utterly irresistible strains of a beautiful symphony. The circumstances couldn’t be worse, for seducing her will endanger both their livelihoods.

Yet there are lessons he cannot resist teaching her, steps of a dance that crescendos to her final surrender…

Warning: A deliciously seductive Italian unmasks a supposedly respectable Victorian woman and leads her into a lust-filled pas de deux.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00