Becoming a Legend

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Becoming a Legend

The Blue Eyes Trilogy, #2

The series started out intriguing and I had high hopes for it, but I didn't really want to go on to finish the trilogy at the end of the "Becoming a Legend".

The premise is interesting and there's lots of excitement, but with all things considered (Ari's powers, the abilities of those around her, her grandfather's position), I couldn't understand why the terrible things that happened had to happen. There was also the perennial "girl gets thrust into world and does brave things that later ends up messing up a lot of things because she doesn't understand the rules" issue. It seems to be that someone should have gotten right on it and found her some sort of tutor or an advisor to keep her out of trouble rather than just wrapping her in wool.

That said, the relationships between Ari and the guys are very sweet and I liked seeing her (somewhat) come into her own. There was a lot of possibility there, but I didn't end up wanting to finish because I didn't really buy the reasons behind why things worked out (or didn't) with the romance triangle and I saw things going to darker places in the next book, but that's just my personal preferences coming to the forefront.

Book Blurb for Becoming a Legend

Arianna Grace is about to turn seventeen, and her life has been very complicated lately. She is the leader of four clans of night humans: dearg-dul, baku, tengu, and lycan. While the four clans seem to get along better with each other, there is internal conflict on both sides of her family, not to mention the three boys vying for her attention. Devin is set on keeping her safe above all else. Turner’s goal is to make her happy. And Andrew wants her for himself. At some point Arianna will have to choose between them, but first she needs to survive the plots against her.

Edward Lucan is making a chase for the power to lead the baku clans and is playing his cards by using his nephew Andrew to lure Arianna into a trap. Unfortunately for Lucan, Andrew has his own plans. He has spent the last year waiting for Arianna to see him as more than a friend, and he now finds it necessary to make a move for her affection, despite his uncle.

In the dearg-dul estate, Arianna discovers that the ambitious Lord Seeger has been laying his own strategies for power and is slowly poisoning her. After getting away with her grandfather’s murder, he is setting his sights on her. Luckily for Arianna, her team is on to all of the plans and is making their own counter strategies. Will it be enough to keep Arianna safe? Several people close to Arianna have been keeping secrets. If Arianna is to take power and control of the night, she will need to know the truth. Will someone finally tell her what it really means to become the legend everyone is waiting for, before it is too late to turn back?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 3.00