As You Wish

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As You Wish

As You Wish is a delightful short piece - I really enjoyed Roxanne Well's take on genies.

The story was fast-paced, entertaining, and hot as the Sahara desert. It had some very entertaining twists and turns, I especially enjoyed the section about the genie guidebook and how they ended up resolving their problems. I did have a problem with how Aluma spent a lot of time doing the most simple tasks by snapping her fingers - or more snapping or waving or just in general gesticulating with her hands. But in all, this is a sizzling hot piece guaranteed to take the edge of those winter chills - if not outright bring a fresh heat wave into the area.

Book Blurb for As You Wish

Jake Bentley and Benjamin Cartwright are archeologists and best friends digging in the Utah desert. Instead of finding the dinosaur bone they expected, they find an unusual bottle. Jake opens the bottle and both men look inside. They see nothing until Aluma, the beautiful genie, appears behind them and asks them what they were looking for. Aluma bows to Jake and tells him she’ll grant three wishes. Surprised at Jake’s wish, Aluma must grant his desires. Since Ben found the bottle second, Ben will get the last wish. Jake and Ben decide to share their wishes so that the last wish will benefit them both. They want Aluma forever. Aluma begins to break some of the “genie handbook rules,” and all three of them end up in front of the “Genie Counsel.” Both men love her, both men need her, but will the words AS YOU WISH be the last time they hear from her? Absolutely not.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.00