Apocalypse Woman

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Apocalypse Woman

I was utterly enchanted by this story. The premise, the characters, the characterization -- Tyree Kimber certainly has a flair for telling a mesmerizing tale.
Selkines was a heroine after my own heart - it was heartening to see her take her fate in her own hands, even if I'm not certain the ends justified the means. I did think that Erasmus was a poor choice for her at first, but he does tend to grow on you after a while, particularly after he grew a spine.
I especially liked the end where the story itself became more fluid in the narrating and almost seemed to resemble dream sequences, as it seemed particularly fitting for the story. I would recommend this story and will certainly be looking for future books by this author.

Book Blurb for Apocalypse Woman

Selkines Ondine, a minor noblewoman without the means to fulfill her hunger for knowledge and power, faces a lonely life in service to the Aratriconian Church.
To avoid this fate she makes a pact with Abryax, a fallen angel who defied the god Aratricon at the dawn of time.
In exchange for bearing the demon's child she willreceive on wish for anything her heart desires.
Selkines plans to use this wish to gain the wealth and power that society denies her. But the archbishop of the Church has a secret agenda: an interest in Selkines that goes far beyond the religious. And the servants of Heaven will do anything to keep a soul they have set their sights on from Hell's grasp.
Meanwhile Selkines's longsuffering admirer, the poet Erasmus sets out to win her hand as well, unaware that his competition is a creature of ancient and terrible power.
Abryax's motto is that Hell gives us exactly what we want. But Selkines learns that what we want may come in a form we never expected or desire. Heaven and Hell ultimately gather for a showdown with Selkines's body as the battlefield, but Selkines is shocked at the depth of her own capacity to love when Erasmus selflessly enters the conflict for her sake as well.
Page Count - 386

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00