Angel's Shield

Angel Shifters, #4

I was left with some very conflicting thoughts when I finished this story.

For the technical bits, there's a bit of "As you know, Bob, x and y and z..." and a fair bit of telling, not showing. As such, the romance and story left me with mostly a "meh" feeling. I feel like, with the "fading" and so forth, there could have been a lot of pathos, but it was all sort of glossed over that it didn't make sense more than anything else.

Like with the idea of pandas refusing to mate or take care of their cubs going extinct, there's a feeling of tragedy combined with an overarching sense of frustration ending with a sort of a fatalistic resignation. Not exactly the sort of feeling you'd want when discussing the demise of an entire race.

Then there's the Asian-American aspect. I felt like a lot of that was played up in very stereotypical ways and the fact that she was Asian American never actually came up as who she was and what she was and how it shaped her rather than just something for people to make stupid comments about. There was also this whiff of self-denigration about her appearance compared to the men's that I didn't much appreciate. I'm usually all for diversity and so forth, but in this case I felt like it was very much used as a throwaway concept that didn't end up affecting anything and that was disappointing.

As for the rest, I didn't feel like the worldbuilding was particularly compelling or believable. Add the insta-love and insta-lust factor into it and the overall effect was simply underwhelming.

I really believe that the author has some interesting ideas that could be intriguing if they were fleshed out and developed properly. I'll keep an open mind for the next one.

Book Blurb for Angel's Shield

Charmiene has been alone since her grandmother died, so when two sexy hikers ask to stay in her trail shelter, she invites them into her house instead. As an Asian American in a rural town, her dating prospects have always been nonexistent.

Haniel wishes demons hadn’t ruined his ability to fly, but his best friend, Jeremiel, has his back while he hunts for the creatures that hurt him. Of course, when he meets Charmeine, all thoughts of fighting fly away. The only thing he can think about is making love.

Jeremiel would do anything for Haniel—the angel saved his life, after all. But when they meet Charmeine, he knows the time for wandering is over. She’s small, fierce, and just what they need to push them from friendship into love.

Unfortunately, the demons don’t want them to bond. They want all the angels to burn…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00