Angel's Power

Angel Shifters #2

I feel like this book suffers from "intriguing premise, lackluster execution" -- the worldbuilding is tenuous, the character development iffy and the conflict feels very flimsy.

I'm not quite sure how the angelic society works, not sure what the big bad is and what it wants and not sure what exactly is going on because it seems like for a race that seems like it should have a lot of history and culture, they don't.

That'd be problematic in of itself, but add in the feeling that I don't know why Ariel and Suriel are together and what is drawing them to each other and I'm not sure they should be together.

A lot of the conflict centers around Ariel and her wings -- except it was pretty easy to figure out once Suriel steps on stage. So that was fairly disappointing.

Then there were the demons -- again, not knowing where they're coming from, what they want, how they work... they really felt more like random bombs falling from the sky than anything else. It sucks, sure, but it's hard to sympathize when the sky is just randomly dropping death on you for no good reason.

I've given this series a chance, but I'm unlikely to pick up anymore in this series.

I guess I'll go back to hoping for more Sky and her men in Erin M. Leaf's other great series.

Book Blurb for Angel's Power

Ariel doesn’t understand why her wings are changing colors. She doesn’t know why energy flickers through her and she doesn’t have time to worry about it. Demons are loose and she must help her brother lead their People.

When Suriel, the angel sorcerer, arrives and offers his help, Ariel’s immediate attraction to him confuses her. She wasn’t looking for a mate and is afraid to commit to anyone while her wings are damaged. And the demons are out there, waiting for the angels to show weakness…

Suriel doesn’t want a mate. His power is strong, but very unstable and he is terrified that he will hurt someone if he lets anyone get too close. The only reason he came to Castle Archangel is to help defeat the demons. However, Ariel, the Alpha’s sister, draws him like no other woman ever has. And when she is injured in a battle, he will do whatever it takes to take care of her.

Be Warned: public exhibition, light spanking and bondage

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00