Angel At Dawn

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Angel At Dawn

Novel of the Upyr Series

I have to preface this by stating that Emma Holly is one of my favorite authors and usually I'm drawn right into her worlds and her characters. Oddly enough, this time it wasn't the case. 

The characters were still magnetic, fully fleshed, and interesting in their own right -- even the least seen characters were extremely well drawn. The story was suspenseful, with an interesting premise that was reasonably well-executed. I enjoyed seeing Nim Wei fulfill the hints that were laid in previous books and appear to have more of a "human" personality -- if that even applies, but I was disappointed that she is still as enigmatic as ever and her out of character actions were not really explained or given good enough support to that it felt more odd than a good sign of her gaining some humanity. For that matter, I found it terribly strange that Nim Wei would choose the enterprise she did and I never found myself with an adequate answer. 

Perhaps I have to admit to a decided lack of appreciation for the movie scene and all assorted happenings that go on there and that is the cause of my lackluster appreciation of this story. 

Regardless of my own personal idiosyncrasies, I do think that this was an engaging, steamy, fascinating story. I'll just waited with bated breath to see if Holly unveils Nim Wei's true intentions in the next book. Of course, I'd love to see more of her "demon" books. 

Book Blurb for Angel At Dawn

Five hundred years ago, Grace Gladwell had captured Christian Durand's heart and then abandoned him in his darkest hour. Seeing Grace again after all these years has sent Christian reeling-even though she seems to remember nothing of the medieval soldier, he wants her more than ever. But is Grace merely a pawn of the vampire queen who has set her immortal sights on Christian?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.75