An Heiress in Disguise

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An Heiress in Disguise

The Royal Family Book 4

I liked "An Heiress in Disguise", but caveat to those who like their historicals more on the side of historically accurate - this is definitely all fun and romping around and historical mores are pretty much tossed out the window as far as I can tell.

Within this historical romance book you get characters who are funny and entertaining. Mina and her take-no-prisoners sense of humor and verve is great, along with how she doesn't allow Jamie to be a jerk to her while still understanding where he's coming from.

Jamie is a bit too much of the brooding "I must suffer" hero, but he's a good 'un for all that.

The supporting cast is pretty wonderful, especially Jamie's mother and siblings. That said, no one really behaves the way one would expect them to, and it verges on "breaking all belief ever".

I'm not a huge fan of how people are used as plot devices and sort of tossed away afterward with no real explanation of why things were initially portrayed one way and then turned out to be another, but I chalked that up to the "just roll with it" way the story was unfolding. It did make it hard to really respect the characters when it started to feel like everyone was suffering from a chronic case of bad judgement.

I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to the Honorable Luther Whyte's story if he gets one. Here's hoping he does!

Book Blurb for An Heiress in Disguise

Hell will freeze over before Miss Philomena Aubrey willingly marries the insufferable Honorable Luther Whyte. Her mother had angled Mina’s quite hefty dowry in front of the vicar and secured him, but Mina still resisted. When Mrs. Aubrey threatens to force her into the marriage, Mina’s father hides his daughter with a friend of his as he leaves for an extended business trip.

A wounded war hero, burdened by guilt after inadvertently sending his French fiancée to death, Lord James Darling keeps his family as far away from his tormented heart as possible. But as he keeps bumping into his mother’s new lady’s maid, he grows suspicious—is she a spy?—and sets out to expose her, only to find himself mesmerized by her feistiness and her warm heart.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 3.50