Alpha Knows Best

Romance on the Go

Caveat: pretty much nothing but steam.

It's very good steam and hot as heck - Logan is all alpha and has truly filthy mouth on him and his chemistry with Honey is off the charts.

That said, they're very sweet (and spicy!) together, but there's just enough plot to hold things together. Mating heat, check. Insta-love, check. Normally strong woman submitting to an ultra-alpha, check and check.

As per usual, Jenika Snow has a winner of a one-handed read, but don't come looking for much past that.

Book Blurb for Alpha Knows Best

Logan is part bear, part wolf, all alpha SEAL.

Honey is a headstrong shifter herself.

When they get together, it's one explosive claiming.

When his tour with the SEALs ends, he returns to the small town of Sugar Crest, Alaska. But the unexpected happens...he finds his mate in the form of a headstrong badger shifter named Honey.

In Logan's arms, Honey soon realizes how arousing submission can be, even if she's always been the take-charge kind of person. But despite the fact she's now mated to an overly possessive alpha, it's Logan who can barely maintain control.

READER NOTE: This book was previously published under the title "The Bearly Controlled Alpha." It has been re-edited, but no new content has been added. If you own the previous title, there is no need to repurchase.

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00