Alpha Female

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Alpha Female

Alpha Female is a tightly-woven, fast paced story that kept me flipping through the book at breakneck speed to see just how things would pan out.
Annie and Will are extremely charismatic characters and their story doesn't take a backseat to the suspense around what exactly is going wrong within the park, which takes some deft handling as there are some knuckle-whitening scenes regarding Annie's mother and the alpha female.
Although I don't usually go in for contemporary fiction, Chrisofferson's unique touch with believable suspense set in a very real world ensures that I'll definitely pick up another one of her books.

Book Blurb for Alpha Female

Alpha Female revolves around the battle over Yellowstone National Park's wolves, a battle that pitches the local hunters, outfitters and ranchers against environmentalists determined to protect the wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone in 1995.

At the center of this battle is Will McCarroll, a veteran Park Ranger whose job it is to stop poaching in the park. McCarroll is a man with a tragedy in his past. He's also a man who will let nothing - not even the loss of his job - stand in the way of his protecting the wildlife he's been entrusted with.


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 4.00