All Other Things

If you're in the market for a quick, sizzling read, then you need look no further. This offering is rather low on plot and character development, but it delivers heat in spades and sometimes that's all I need. I don't need angst and world-ending drama with my romantica.

For all that, the relationships are pretty well realized. Bea's relationship with Kieran, Tommy's relationship with Kieran, and how they all interface together -- it's done deftly and it's easy to believe in their chemistry and the HEA.

I did wonder about Bea and Tommy's marriage and why, if they dated for two years, why the issue that brought everything to a head hasn't come up before. Kieran's role as the confessional was a bit deus ex machina, I thought, but it works. It also snowballs a bit fast for me, but I could and did gloss over that.

I did find Bea's odd self-deprecation frustrating. I'm fairly done with female MCs who have a hard time seeing themselves as attractive or sexually appealing, but at least she doesn't harp on it.

I've had friends rave about Stein before and All Other Things lets me see why.

Book Blurb for All Other Things

Bea’s husband Tommy is the sweetest, most gorgeous guy she’s ever met. There’s just one problem—he doesn’t seem to want to have sex with her. Or at least, he shows no interest in the kind of sex she’s craving. Kinky, torrid, passion-filled sex, of the sort a too-handsome and too-fascinating colleague at her workplace is offering.

Kieran is everything that Tommy’s not—dark to his light, triple caramel swirl to Tommy’s vanilla. But Bea will not be tempted. Or at least, she thinks she won’t. Until she discovers Tommy and Kieran have been IMing each other for some time—and they haven’t been talking about innocent things.

They’ve been talking about her, and more importantly, they’ve been talking about what they’d like to do to her. Together. And once Tommy’s buttons have been pushed and Kieran’s been let off his leash, anything seems possible…

*EXOTIKA™ stories focus on a sexual journey or adventure. Although they may contain a romance, they do not have to include that as the primary focus; the relationship does not need to be monogamous or end with commitment.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00