Alien Education

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Alien Education

Alien Novels Book 15

Reader take note: this is most emphatically not a book that you can just pick up and dive into. It is book 15 in a series and oh my stars does it show.

For those who have been following along from the start, I'm sure the constant mentions and cameos of the super massive cast gives them the warm and fuzzies. As for me, I had no idea who Alpha Team was, or the Flyboys, or Team Whatever Cool Name was being mentioned. There's at least thirty people mentioned on a regular basis, which is about twenty too many for this reader.

To be fair, Gini Koch attempts to catch the newbie up to everything, but it simply didn't work for me. The information felt like an endless info-dump that only made things more confusing.

I also couldn't get into the way this book was written. A lot of it was done in an almost riddle format, with lots of song titles as hints and interpretive dance and so forth and instead of finding it quirky and charming, I found myself getting frustrated. Kitty logic was not definitely my logic and I just wanted the story to keep going without the song and dance (literally).

That said, there's definite a lot of humor and for those who like their sci-fi with a side of riddle-solving and those who enjoy constant pop culture references, a funny cast that only keeps getting larger, and non-stop action, "Alien Education" is sure to be lots of fun.

Book Blurb for Alien Education

It’s a typical day of bureaucracy and stress for President and First Lady Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, in part because Kitty’s been tapped to represent Earth in the Galactic Council. Kitty feels that’s a bad idea, and she might be right.

When her first official TV morning show goes awry, it’s only the quick thinking of the actor determined to make the “Code Name: First Lady”movie a reality that saves the day. It also forces Kitty to work with Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the Embassy Daycare kids are all about to enter “real school”—and none of them want to go. They may have grounds to be concerned because many of the other students and their familes seem shady, and everyone seems to have an evil agenda.

Dealing with the assimilation of the aliens who have come to Earth, while fending off advances from a variety of Hollywood types, seems like Kitty’s biggest challenge. But then she and Jeff discover that Stephanie Valentino—Jeff’s niece and the true Heir Apparent to the original Mastermind—is back.

Can Jeff and Kitty thwart the most insidious attacks yet, while keepingtenuous peace on Earth and goodwill toward all sentient species going? And can they also find time to be part of the most truly terrifying organization they’ve ever encountered—the school’s parent-teacher association?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 3.00