A Spanking for Valentine

As per usual, Evangeline Anderson takes no prisoners in this steamy short. Valentine and Shane jump straight into action, almost from the first page, and it was entertaining to watch their interactions and perception of each other shift and mature throughout the exploration of Valentine's sexuality and their new relationship.

Although this story was just as captivating as any of Anderson's other works, I find that Anderson seems to be repetitively exploring some of the same themes that she has gone over in the past. It doesn't make for a poorer story, over all, but for dedicated readers who have read most or all of her other stories, this might be going over far too familiar territory.

Not that Shane's angst over the "little sister" dilemma wasn't both realistic and amusing, or that Valentine's not so well hidden crush wasn't well portrayed, or even that the age old question of good girls versus bad girls wasn't answered adequately -- it's just it's been there, done that with regards to Anderson's work. In fact, been there, done that more than once, twice, or even thrice.

I've been following Anderson for years now, and to me it seems that her explorations of stories outside of these conundrums are sometimes more interesting. This, when I have a particular soft spot for this subset of story. Although her forays into other areas don't always succeed or even appeal -- at least it's something different and different is key at this point. I enjoy Anderson's work and this story is no exception, but I would truly enjoy seeing Anderson step out from the familiar more. Even if it's just taking the younger sister story and taking out the "sister angst" bit.

Book Blurb for A Spanking for Valentine

Valentine Nichols wants two things for her birthday—for Shane Daniels to notice her, and a taste of the wild D/s sex scene she’s been longing to experience. When she sees Shane at the local BDSM club, she hatches a plan to have both and convinces Shane to give her lessons in submission.

Shane Daniels has wanted Valentine for years but as his best friend’s little sister, she’s strictly off-limits. But when Valentine talks him into giving her D/s lessons, he gives in to some of his darker urges and dominates her sexually.

Now they are locked in a battle of wills as Valentine pushes him for a consummation of their new relationship while Shane tries to keep himself from taking her completely. Who will win? They’ll both find out when Valentine takes her spanking.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.75