A Pirate's Legacy

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A Pirate's Legacy

A Pirate's Legacy was an extremely engaging story, especially the deft handling of the "flash backs" to the pirate queen. That was an interesting premise that I haven't seen before. It was also clear that Amelia June did her research on women pirates from the story and that was much appreciated. I did wish for a bit more explanation as to why Sinclaire would be the only one who got to commune with Rebekah and not Adrian also. I was slightly appalled that she would have been that taken in by Cole, she just didn't seem like the sort to be that easy. From her knowledge and experience with fending off treasure hunters, one would have thought that Cole was just a bit too enthusiastic about her. I also thought that it was slightly beyond belief how quickly she and Adrian hit it off -- seemed a bit too much like deus ex machina. That being said, the story was fast-paced and entertaining. It would definitely be interesting to see what other stories Amelia June cooks up.

Book Blurb for A Pirate's Legacy

Sinclaire Daves, a young and awkward archeology professor, lives her life surrounded by books and research. Body issues and a recent breakup have left her confidence in pieces. But at night, everything changes as her dreams are filled with the adventures of the woman she wishes she was; a pirate captain who lived over 200 years ago.
Rebekah Bonny, daughter of the famous pirates Anne Bonny and Calico Jack Rackam (who sailed under the Jolly Roger), wants nothing more than to escape her life of danger and disguise, to settle down and spend her life with the man she loves.
Across time, these two disparate women come together, and guide each other through mystery, man trouble, and mayhem, to find they aren't as dissimilar as they seem. Will Rebekah find her peace? Will Sinclaire find the love--and the pirate--she's been dreaming of?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50