Walking Sin

Kelcey is a woman who is wary of physical contact due to sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Dax is the love interest in the novel and the one who can potentially heal her. The novel starts out on a light note, discussions of upcoming friends' weddings, however, when Kelcey goes home with Dax to give the couples some alone time there is immediate tension. Dax quickly finds out about Kelcey's abuse as she has vivid nightmares. The author gets right to the point fairly quickly, Kelcey and Dax's romance becomes stronger as the novel continues. She goes from staying at his house one night to having dinner and intimate conversations with Dax. A friendly dog is thrown into the mix for comedic relief. The events in the novel are intriguing; the reader will be entertained for the majority of the book. There are explicit sex scenes, making this suitable for those who are eighteen or older. Kelcey learns to trust Dax over the course of the book, she learns to open up to him. The ending is a very good one and the reader will be happy. This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy erotic romance.

Book Blurb for Walking Sin

Third in the Men With Tools series.Dax Coleman has it all—money in the bank, a job he loves, and an address book filled with the names of women who only want a good time. He’s never had a problem charming a woman into his bed. He meets his match when Kelcey Ewing comes to Lanville. A former roommate of his brothers’ girlfriends, Kelcey is as serious as Dax is carefree. He considers it his personal goal to loosen up Kelcey so she has fun, preferably in his bed.An unforgettable incident in her life has left Kelcey wary and unable to have a normal relationship with a man. She decides she’s destined to be alone, until Dax’s lovemaking wakes up her senses.Kelcey’s unwilling to risk a broken heart with a man she considers walking sin. It’s up to Dax to prove to Kelcey his love for her is real and will last the rest of his life.Reader Advisory: Contains references to child sexual abuse.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75