Though this is a quick read, only 94 pages, this is an entertaining read. The main character, Lucia, is portrayed as an obedient, slightly cowed daughter who is ordered by her father to teach a slave of their legends so as to make him a better warrior. Marcus, the love interest, is portrayed as a resilient, tough young man. He becomes protective of Lucia within the first thirty pages of the novel. There are some humorous scenes in the novel as well as some deadly serious ones. The reader will not have to read the same type of scene over and over. The reader will enjoy watching their relationship grow and change over the course of the novel. Lucia is forced to take a husband, a rough and uncouth man who doesn't seem to care much for her. Time continues and Lucia finds herself with a daughter and son, will she find Marcus again? This novel is recommended for adults who enjoy historical romances.

Book Blurb for Enslaved

I was to teach a slave.

Marcus, a gladiator in my father's ludus, was compelled to my presence to learn of Rome's gods, her legends. When first he came, fear consumed me - fear of this silent, resentful slave who burned with his anger.

Time, though, changes much. Marcus softened and I grew unafraid. As we became closer, I grew more than merely unafraid - I grew to love him. Never did I think we would be separated.

I was wrong.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.50