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Hunter's Moon, #1

Claimed is a well written book. The main character is accurately portrayed as a teenager. I remember how I was at that age and it’s rather accurate. I think that pre-teens will like this book, especially if they are into westerns or love animals. The horse is the main animal presented in this book; however it’s not the only animal. After all, the story takes place on a ranch where there are other animals such as a cat and a dog. There are also the beginnings of a few love stories. I wouldn't necessarily call them love stories or romances though because the writer keeps these parts clean for the book’s young audience.

I also noted an underlying theme which would be very beneficial to young readers to grasp. Throughout the book, the main character is suspicious of a certain person and his motives. However, she doesn't take the time to properly look into her suspicions. Instead, she goes by what she thinks is the truth and makes a huge mistake. She ends up getting into serious trouble because she jumped to a wrong conclusion. That happens too often in life….especially in the life of a young person approaching their teenage years.

Book Blurb for Claimed

Fourteen-year-old, Colorado juvenile delinquent Mackenzie Lynn Stonebreaker doesn’t do horses. But the volunteer gig at Hunter’s Moon Ranch has its perks. With cold, hard cash she lifts from its boarding fund, Mac’s poised for escape to search for her birth mom when an Arabian mare named Bella is viciously struck by a shotgun blast. Alive and talking—well, telepathically only to Mac—the horse begs for her help.

Talking to horses totally freaks Mac out. But leaving Bella and her colt Raider isn’t an option. Ditching her plans for now, Mac becomes a modern-day Dr. Doolittle, looking for justice. Only Mac tends to act first and ask questions later. When her protective instinct for the horses gets in the way of her good sense, Mac finds herself, once again, on the other side of the law.

Dodging a return trip to juvie, thanks to the ranch owner’s partner Dr. Rachel Hunter, Mac is now in the pediatrician’s custody and living a life she could only dream. With newfound friendships, the gift of gab with two quirky horses, her first kiss, and a chance at that family she’s always wanted, she can’t quite let go of one thing.

Abandoned and unloved by her mother, Mac wants to know why. But sleuthing for answers puts Mac on a collision course with the past—one that will shatter everything she believes in about herself and those she’s come to love and trust at Hunter’s Moon.

Mac just may find that what she’s been looking for her whole life is the exact opposite of what she will get.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50